It’s the end of XP as we know it

Windows users who are still using XP, your day has come. ¬†Microsoft officially ends support for your operating system today which means no more system or security updates. Normally that wouldn’t be big news but word is that there could soon be a rash of attacks and malware coming, now that hackers know they’ll be left alone with your computer. Happily, as Windows XP is a very old...

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Oh no. Oh no. Your hard drive just died.

You turn your computer on, and all you hear is a strange clicking sound… Uh-oh. One of the things I dread hearing most when I pick up the phone is to hear someone on the other side say “there’s a strange clicking noise coming from my computer”. This happens more often than you would think. When someone says that, it means their hard drive has died and they just...

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